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Hello, welcome to the website of eiga Windows!!

Quality assurance from the Windows and doors

Quality assurance from the lliga windows
Manufacturing products attentively, make simple comfortable life space

Title selection standards High-end custom

The German original installation import hardware accessories, quality assured
USES toughened glass

Team distribution products

Professional design elite and pre-sales and after-sales team, product updates will never fall behind
Order all fix it for you all

Production capacity, delivery on schedule

Gen library materials have foot more than 6 months of production material,
To ensure timely delivery of the product

Products are complete

21 major series, hundreds of product categories, the industry's product type 2 complete Windows and doors brand also want to look up product system

Pay attention to brand development, brand influence

In many within the industry, and the product won the industry a variety of certificate

Brand image support

Business training manuals, auxiliary materials;
Implement the integration of national marketing strategy,

Brand introduction

Specialized in custom-made high-end private doors and Windows manufacturing services,

To see this opportunity, is dedicated to bringing the development of China German art and fashion concept. With German style new combined with China's national conditions
Efforts to develop the world's top brands. German type doors and Windows, from deep inside found themselves; Treat life, stick to worship
Treat art, obvious honourable nature, temperament, luxury, all show fashionable taste.
With you together create "German type door model, private custom master" of the "art".

Engineering case
Manufacturing products attentively, make simple comfortable life space

Listen to the voices of our customers

Manufacturing products attentively, make simple comfortable life space